How the tracking system works

The system registers those users' actions which you are interested in.

General concept of JSMon

Messages about visitor's actions done are sent to JSMon server, which processes them and returns the result back to web site.

  1. Default action "Page-View"

    Page browsing is registered by the system automatically if it is installed the script.

    In this case, the web site receives a message containing data about visitor. It contains information such as visitor's unique identifier, whether it was his first visit of the site or repeated one. In case it is a reentrancy than how many times it was before, whether he entered from searching system and under which request, or from which web site, how much time has passed since his last visit, how many pages he has already viewed having been on the site, how long he is already on the site and etc.

    No events.

  2. Setting up Tracking Actions

    If you want to track some actions that demand additional attention the special handler can be done for them to transfer the necessary information.

    Assume we are interested to press key-buttons "Add to Basket" and "News Subscription". We add handlers for them and transfer the additional information, for example, what was added to basket, what email entered by the visitor. For each type of action, the unique code can be set in order to recognize events during handling and analysis. Upon receipt of data from the system, one can see how long the visitor was on that page.

    Add to cartSubscribe to news

    Press the button to track an action and receive the event.

  3. Requesting Information about Visitor

    If the system has determined that the visitor already visited the web site then it is possible to receive earlier known information about him.

    Assume we need to make a decision whether to provide this visitor with discount or not. For this purpose initially it is required to know how much he needs, whether it is a motivating factor for him during purchasing, whether he purchased on site before without discount, how many baskets was abandoned and etc. In this case you can request the system, for example, the list of visitor's recent search queries, and find out if the person was searching just product or sale and discount.

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  4. Defining of Behavioral Model

    Having a set of features the system will select visitors who fit them best.

    Assume that we sell cloth in e-shop. We know that the most part of designer's unique goods are sold spontaneously. How can it be used in practice? As easy as ABC. We will try to determine the visitor's temperament type and knowing it we will understand who is in front of us, potential buyer or not.

    It is known what kind of color mostly corresponds to each type of temperament, and that's why it is easy to set conditions for behavioral model. Looking on visitor's behavior, for example, what color he prefers during products detailed viewing, we can estimate how to act further with a definite likelihood ratio. If the system recognizes the necessary psychological type then you can try to offer this visitor to buy some kind of unique product at a higher price.

    A B C D

    Press A, B, C, or D button in order to model visitor's behavior on the site. Based on set of features the system will try to determine your temperament.

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