Interactive tracking & conversion tool

Get started to understand who is on your site at a particular moment: occasional visitor or potential customer. And interact with him.

Why use JSMon?

Our system will analyze visitor's behavioral factors and offer optimal variants for interaction with him.

  1. We help to understand who are your visitors on line

    The main unit of JSMon system is a visitor who is on your web site at a particular moment. While your visitor takes some actions, for example, follows the links, posts comments, takes part in voting and etc. his behavioral model becomes clearer. The system estimates the probability that a person belongs to this or that type of visitors and returns information back to your web site where you can respond immediately and do something.

    For example, in case it is a doubtful client, you can propose him discount coupon that will be in effect during 1 hour. If it is a person who compares something then you can give a couple of blocks with additional information (that may annoy usual visitors) about the product. If the person just browses the web site, often visits different pages, it might be he searches something, and in this case you can offer him a special extended search format or instant feedback, and etc.

  2. We make it possible to set up behavioral models you like

    You can create any behavioral models with random criteria in JSMon system and track only those users who are interesting for you.

    Suppose you are interested in users' segments that came by search link with product name request and browsed all pages containing opinions about this product. You will set up such model in JSMon, and in case new visitor does just about the same, you will know about it, and the system will help to recognize it.

    Now, if such person is still on web site but purchases nothing you can start working with him "invisibly". May be he hesitates over something or there is no delivery as of the required date, or the price is higher in comparison with others. You can offer him, and only him, and only at this moment the special conditions. And now the visitor makes a purchase, though could just left the site. And you could know nothing about him through standard features.

    Besides there are standard behavioral models:

    • News readers

      Users' sessions are rather short: browsing, up-to-date information or news search.

    • Information search

      Longer sessions, numerous pages browsing, detailed information browsing.

    • Problems solving

      Users' actions are focused on some problem solving or special information search which is hardly anywhere presented. As a rule, they visit very rarely or for the first time, often occasionally, just following all links in search output.

    • Repeated visitors

      They spend much time on web site and visited it many times before as well. They pay attention on different kinds of promotional offers and messages.

    • Web Surfing

      Wide but not in-depth reading of various information, long users' sessions.

  3. We offer the visitor what he is interested in

    JSMon system is able not only determine visitor's behavioral model but also offer different variants of effective interaction with him depending on acts performed on site both now and before. You don't need to upgrade your system code anymore, it is just enough to set up adequate structure in visual editor.

    For example, if a person visited web site per search phrase to purchase some product no need to offer him immediately all variety of similar and associated goods confusing him this way. Initially you can request the history of the visitor' actions during previous visits, look what he was interested in before, which steps he made, and then provide relevant highly targeting proposals. So, if earlier the person searched a product which was not available at that moment you can show that the product already has appeared and it can be purchased now even cheaper in comparison with others. And this will be more effective.